Intrepid Capital Partners | Indian Real Estate Investing

Indian Real Estate Investing

One of ICP’s key focus areas is real estate.

Our track record over the past 12 years in land and real estate development in India has been unparalleled where we have invested in land banks, and completed world-class residential and office properties.

Added Value

We seek to power the growth of India’s small- and medium-sized real estate developers through direct lending.

We also aim to add value for these developers by bringing to bear—for their benefit—the many aspects of our real estate experience in India.

We understand the many issues and challenges they face, which is why we are open to partnering with these developers to provide them the assistance they may need in such areas as:

  • Global and local best practices in development and construction
  • Access to government departments and obtaining permits for development
  • Meeting legal and regulatory requirements
  • Operational improvements
  • Brand development or revitalization